Probate Problems

Are you stressed-out and looking for help to resolve estate disputes? Ed can help if you are the executor under a will or estate beneficiary.

Need probate of an estate with or without a Will?

You may be grieving because a family member died. How do you find a Will and what if there is no Will? Ed and his team have experience assisting family members at this challenging time. Ed can help make probate painless in 3 steps.

Ontario certificate of appointment as estate trustee

Do you need money to pay estate bills? You may need a court to grant an estate certificate. Ed can help you through this complicated process. He provides step-by-step action plans. Ed shows you how to avoid costly mistakes to save you time and money.

Contested wills and capacity

Was a Will or power of attorney prepared under suspicious circumstances? Get experienced advice to learn if you have grounds to contest the documents. There are time limits to object and other factors to consider.

Ed can help you if you need to challenge a Will or a person’s capacity. He can provide experienced and expert legal advice before it is too late. Don’t be left empty-handed.

Spousal estate claims

Married spouses have family law election rights, but Ontario’s common law spouses do not. Common law spouses must make claims for unjust enrichment, constructive trusts, dependents’ relief or prove joint family ventures.

Ed has experience raising spousal estate claims under the Succession Law Reform Act. He can help you receive adequate support or review pre-nuptial domestic or separation agreements.

Estate lawsuits and estate mediation

Not sure what the Will means or what to do as estate trustee? You may need an estate lawyer to ask the estate court for directions.

Some probate problems can be resolved at mediation. Successful estate mediation requires that lawyers know estate law. Ed has a history of resolving complex estate disputes at mediation. Getting results early at mediation reduces your stress and the financial suffering of your family.

Selling estate property

Do you need to sell estate property to pay taxes or distribute the estate? You may need a court order for the partition and sale of property. Ed has experience obtaining these court orders everywhere in Ontario.

Estate accounting and executor compensation

Ontario law allows executors, estate trustees and attorneys to claim compensation as personal representatives. However, these personal representatives may need to pass their accounts in court and explain their conduct. Compensation for executors, trustees and attorneys is a topic Ed writes about. He edits a supplement to a legal text book three times a year.

If you are a beneficiary examining accounts, Ed can also help to assess your position.

How I can help you:

1. Contact my team for information and appointments.

My team members identify if I can help you.
I work with the people I can help the most.
I cannot help everyone who contacts me.
My team will ask you if there is urgency or court dates. 

2. Arrange a face-to-face meeting.

My team can arrange a face-to-face meeting for 45 minutes to assess your needs.
A face-to-face meeting costs $375 (includes HST). 
You will be asked to provide copies of any will and court documents.
During this face-to-face meeting I will explain how I can help you. 

3. Decide to take action.

You can accept my recommendations and sign my contract for services. 
Some services are flat fees or as mixed hourly and flat rates.
I will require a deposit for fees.

Interested in a Meeting with Ed?

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