Executor Advice

You have been entrusted with important responsibilities. Getting help to know where to start can save you time.
You need to understand your legal duties. If you are concerned about your role, I can help.

Executors Beware – You Need Expert Legal Advice

Are you struggling with estate legal duties? Get organized with expert legal advice to avoid costly mistakes and save time and money. You need more than an executor checklist to sleep well at night.

I wrote the world’s first self-defense book to protect Executors, Executor Kung Fu.

Executor – Toronto Estate Legal Services

  • Probate an estate with or without a Will
    We can help you prepare an estate inventory for probate and Ontario’s estate information returns. We show you how to handle any estate with three simple steps.
  • Practical advice on your executor/estate trustee duties
    We advise on common law spousal rights, unjust enrichment, separation, pre-nuptial and marriage contracts and family law elections.
  • Solve estate disputes over executor conduct or misconduct
    Need help to explain or defend your actions as executor? We provide expert estate advice.
  • Resolve executor compensation and accounting claims
    What executors are paid and what accounting records to keep is tricky. We make it simple.
  • Sell real estate for the estate
    Executors may need court orders to sell property. We have experience obtaining court orders to sell and partition property.

Steps to get help with Ontario estates:

Step 1: Identify your needs

My team members identify if I can help you.
I work with the people I can help the most.
Referrals and existing clients are given priorities.

Step 2: Arrange a meeting.

Arrange a meeting for 45 minutes to assess your needs.
Face-to-face meetings cost $375 (includes HST).
If you are the executor, we will need a copy of the Will before our meeting.

Step 3: Decide to take action.

You can accept my recommendations and hire me.
You will sign a contract to hire me and provide a deposit for fees (retainer).
Retainers vary and I will explain what is required at the initial meeting.

Ontario Executor & Estate Services Fees

Some legal services can be provided on a flat fee basis.
I encourage executors to personally perform nonlegal work.
You can also hire me to provide executor services or nonlegal services.
You will sign a separate contract if you wish to retain me for these services.
I will discuss fees and rates for these services at the initial meeting.

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