Estate Planning

Estate planning is what you do for the people you leave behind. But making your will and getting it right is challenging. Ed makes it easy and stress-free to give you peace of mind.

Ed makes legal matters simple without legal jargon. He appears on radio and television as an estate expert. He continuously teaches, writes and speaks on wills, estates and new estate planning developments. To help clients, he has written estate planning books, including Estate to the Heart: How to Plan Wills and Estates for Your Loved Ones.

Invest in sensible wills

Wills are the cornerstone of your estate plan. Your will names an executor and details who will get all your stuff. Wills ensure you don’t pay too much in taxes or leave legal headaches for family. Wills are legal documents, so invest in a professionally prepared will.

Our guide explains our fees and how to book your appointment – Edward Olkovich LPC 2018 Estate Planning Guide and Fees

Make safe powers of attorney

Do you own real estate? You need a professionally prepared power of attorney for property. Ed can explain the pros and cons to choose the right attorneys. He can advise how to protect yourself from power of attorney abuse.

Ontario residents also need powers of attorney for personal care. Substitute decision-makers can then make your healthcare decisions. Without powers of attorney, your family needs to be appointed by a court as your guardian. This is a time consuming and expensive process.

Reduce Ontario provincial probate taxes

Ontario provincial estate taxes are 1.5% of the estate. But don’t make all your assets joint to save probate taxes. This can be dangerous. Make sure you have your own lawyer advise you. Know the dangers before you transfer assets into joint ownership.

Choose executors wisely

Most people do not know what executors must do. Choosing the wrong executor can ruin your family’s inheritance. Ed can help you choose the ideal executor.

Avoid financial abuse

Everyone can be taken advantage of. Your capacity to make decisions can be questioned. Without powers of attorney, you can lose control over your financial and personal decisions. Powers of attorney can be used to manage your finances and health care. Have Ed prepare these legal documents to properly protect you and your family from legal problems.

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