New Client FAQ

How is your firm different?

I am a Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts Law. I have experience planning estates, administering estates and going to court. When you retain me, you get the benefit of my experienced law clerks as well.

They assist in handling estates, real estate matters, preparing wills and court claims.

What is the cost of your first consultation?

I offer telephone consultations, without obligation, regarding estate administration and litigation matters. The demands on my time require me to charge my normal hourly rates for will consultations.

Please review my Welcome Memo and my Fee Schedule before requesting a telephone consultation or appointment.

How do you charge clients?

Fees are discussed usually before our first meeting. I provide a Welcome Package to all new clients. This explains if a flat fee or hourly rate will be charged.

Review my Welcome Memo and Fee Schedule, then contact my law firm to arrange for a consultation or appointment to review your needs.

Do you want a free preliminary telephone consultation with an estate specialist?

I’ll explain how you can benefit from my experience. Here are some FAQs about what you can expect from a free consultation with my office.

To schedule a free telephone consultation call 416 769-9800 or toll free 1 877 679-4557.

Why must I schedule an appointment for a free telephone consultation?

I cannot listen to everyone who wants a free consultation. Before we speak, I must know if I already represent someone else in your matter. This would create a conflict.

When you contact my office, they can tell you if I can help. If I cannot help you, my office could refer you to another lawyer. You may also wish to contact The Law Society of Upper Canada’s Referral Service by calling 1 800 268-8326 or by clicking here.

What happens during a free telephone consultation?

You’ll learn how I can help you with your estate matter. I can explain what tactics you can use to get results. You can use the call to decide if you need a face-to-face meeting.

If we are good fit, I can explain how we can work together.

What if I need to meet with you after the telephone consultation?

My office will schedule an appointment. You will receive a Welcome Memo.

It provides a list of items you need to bring to with you. You will find directions to my office on our website.

What if my matter is urgent?

You should call a lawyer immediately. Do not rely on email for advice or to arrange a meeting with a lawyer. Email is not guaranteed to reach any lawyer. Some legal matters require you to comply with strict time limits. Protect your rights. Get legal advice promptly. My office does not provide legal advice by email.

Lawyers cannot give you legal advice until:

  • A conflict check is done
  • You have provided valid photo identification
  • A retainer agreement is signed

Can you review all my documents during a telephone consultation?

Document reviews are not possible by telephone. Remember, legal advice must consider all aspects of your situation. Legal cases may seem similar but every case is unique.

The issues, personalities and problems are different. All the facts must be reviewed to give an opinion.The legal tools lawyers use may be the same. But the lawyer’s experience and skills make the difference.

What if I already have a lawyer?

I cannot interfere with your existing relationship. A telephone consultation is not a substitute for legal advice. If you need a second opinion, a face-to-face meeting is necessary.

Your existing lawyer will not know you contacted my office. Our communication is strictly confidential. You may choose to authorize us in writing to contact your existing lawyer.

Can I get a second legal opinion?

Do you need a second opinion from an estate specialist? You do not have to leave your current lawyer to get a second opinion. During a meeting, I can review court documents and conduct legal research. If you request a second legal opinion from me, you must meet with me.

This requires me to:

  • Do a conflict check
  • Obtain your photo identification
  • Have you sign a retainer agreement specifying what I must do

My hourly rate for services will apply. You do not have to pay for anything until the retainer agreement is signed. I am not your lawyer until you have signed a retainer agreement.

Is my telephone consultation confidential?

All communication with me or my office is confidential.

Can you read my will and tell me it is okay?

No. All your facts must be reviewed and assessed. Wills are legal documents courts review. Wills can be invalidated for many reasons. For these reasons, you will need to retain a lawyer for a face-to-face meeting and review.

How do I schedule a consultation?

To schedule a free telephone consultation call 416 769-9800 or toll free 1 877 679-4557. We look forward to hearing from you.

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