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Our easy-to-read reports, FAQs and books have been created to empower you with a basic understanding of what you need to know when facing difficult estate challenges and decisions. They are not intended as a substitute for professional advice. For your protection and to ensure the optimum outcome of your legal challenges, book a meeting with Ed

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Executor Duties: What You Need to Know

Handling an estate is complicated. Research proves that people don’t know what to do. In this report, you will learn the three steps of an executor’s duties, plus the highlights of what those steps entail.

Executor Mistakes: 10 Things Executors Must Never Do

Your executor duties make you responsible for mistakes—with serious consequences. In this report, you will learn the highlights of what not to do.



Will Disputes: How to Increase Your Chances for Success

Learn what it means to “ACE” your Will dispute when you, 1. Act promptly; 2.  Confirm you can contest the Will; and 3. Evaluate Your Legal Position.


Estate Mediation: Answers to 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Learn why mediation of estate disputes is not to be feared but encouraged. It is an opportunity to reach an early, cost-effective, out-of-court settlement.


Estate Planning Mistakes: Avoid the 7 Biggest Blunders

Shortsightedness can wipe out everything you worked for during your entire life. In the report, you will learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes in estate planning.


Powers of Attorney: 10 Essentials You Need to Know

Powers of Attorney Are Legal Documents. You sign powers of attorney (POAs) to designate a person as your agent. Learn about essentials you need to know.

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