Are You an Estate Planning Zombie?

Zombies are mindless but far from harmless.

Zombies approach estate planning in a similar way. Are you mindlessly wandering, like a zombie, without a will or estate plan?

Put your heart and mind into protecting your family. Discover the Perfect Plan to Protect Your Loved Ones.

Zombies don’t think, have no feelings and eat brains. Zombies don’t care if they have no will. Zombies don’t care what happens to those left behind.

Do you care about the problems you leave behind? Will your loved ones go crazy trying to find information and answers? Who will pay for your funeral so you don’t roam the earth…forever?

Zombie Families Suffer

Zombie families have no estate plan to protect them. They suffer because they cannot:

  • get access to your money to pay bills
  • protect or collect your assets
  • take control of your pets or business
  • have authority to clear your apartment
  • arrange or continue insurance on vacant homes or valuables
  • talk to your bank
  • talk to your tax advisors
  • give instructions to your investment advisors
  • discuss death benefits with your employer

Zombie families need to sign cheques to hire lawyers. They must go to court to be placed in charge of your estate. This is costly and can take months.

Zombies won’t feel the pain of their loved ones who survive them.

Zombies Haunt the Living

The Zombie’s surviving family have no executor in charge to deal with:

  • greedy business partners
  • sudden demands to repay bank and mortgage loans
  • credit cards bearing 27% interest
  • common law spouse’s claims
  • support for minor dependent children
  • selling everything to pay income taxes

Zombies are unconscious. They don’t know how they can prevent these disasters.

Discover the Perfect Plan to Protect Your Loved Ones.

Walter the Zombie

Walter had a business, a number of investments, a cottage and a home. He never made a will. He walked around without a care. He seemed not to care about what would happen after he died. Walter was guilty of Zombie thinking.

When Walter died, his wife of 49 years, Ann, was devastated. She had not a clue of what to do. She visited an estate lawyer who told her she could not close the business or get access to Walter’s accounts.

Ann had Walter’s power of attorney to sign cheques but this was cancelled by Walter’s death.

Walter never made a will to protect Ann. She could not find one in all his papers.

Ann ended up using half of Walter’s investment portfolio to pay income taxes.

If Walter had a will, all those taxes could be deferred. Ann could have got a tax-free rollover as Walter’s spouse.

But only if Walter had made a will.

What happened to Ann?

Ann did not simply get everything in Walter’s estate because she was his wife. She had to share his estate with two sons and Walter’s daughter from a prior relationship.

I admit, I love a good horror film. When I was younger, I would go to dusk-to-dawn horror film festivals.

Now the real scary stuff I see are stories like Walter the Zombie.

Don’t put your family at risk with Zombie estate planning.

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Edward Olkovich (BA, LLB, TEP, and C.S.) is an Ontario lawyer, nationally recognized author and estate expert. He is a Toronto based Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts. Edward has practiced law since 1978 and is the author of Executor Kung Fu: Master Any Estate in Three Easy Steps. © 2014