Your Top 5 Executor Questions Answered

Your Top 5 Executor Questions Answered

You’ve just learned you’re an executor. You are suddenly in charge of an estate and you need answers.

What is an executor supposed to do? What do you do first?

Get answers to the top questions executors ask:

1.    How do I know I am the executor?
2.    Who pays for the funeral if you are the executor?
3.    When can executors take charge of the estate?
4.    Is it difficult acting as an executor?
5.    How long does it take to handle an estate?

Next week you’ll learn:

6.    Does an executor get paid?
7.    How much do executors get paid?
8.    When should executors get help from professionals?
9.    What is involved to probate an estate?
10.  What assets are included for probate purposes?

Executors need help to handle their legal duties, distraught families, and disappointed beneficiaries.

How will you cope with the realities of your job as executor?


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I am a Toronto estate lawyer and Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts Law. I edit Carswell’s legal guide Compensation and Duties of Estate Trustees, Guardians and Attorneys. I have handled estate disputes and probate problems since 1978.