You Can Stop Looking for Help with Your Estate Dispute

Are you involved in an Ontario estate dispute? You need legal advice you trust to resolve your estate dispute.

I have experience:

  • defending and contesting wills
  • obtaining support and dependents’ relief for spouses
  • dealing with estates without wills
  • interpreting wills
  • selling estate properties

You may be grieving because a family member or friend has died. Suddenly, you are involved in an estate dispute. Disputes come in many different forms. You could be an executor, beneficiary or dependant.

You’ll benefit from jargon-free, practical tips from a Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts and author. You can stop worrying.

You’ll enjoy working with my experienced, friendly team. You will be greeted by them in our office, a converted house. We are located near Jane subway station in Toronto’s West End.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. Why do I need an initial meeting?

You can ask questions, discuss your needs and receive a fee estimate. At our meeting, I can explain the steps I can take to assist you. You should bring wills or court material, if any, to our meeting.

Contact my office to book an initial meeting to learn how I can help you. My initial meetings are for 45 minutes at reduced rates. You have no further obligation. Read my Agreement for Initial Meeting and book a meeting.

2. What about legal fees?

Legal fees are often a mystery to clients. If I don’t discuss my fees as soon as possible, some clients feel uncomfortable. If I discuss my fees too quickly, some may think that’s all I care about. So let’s clear the air.

I care about you as a client and about building a reputation as your trusted advisor. I will discuss up front what things wills cost.

3. How much will you charge?

I am reasonable when charging fees. Some professionals may offer you lower fees but without the same experience, results or level of service. My fees are designed to provide you with the level of service you require. I try to avoid any billing surprises. In some cases, I can quote a flat fee for services.

4. How often will you bill me?

Please feel free to ask questions at any time about any billing matter.

When you hire me, I will require you to sign a fee agreement. This is called an agreement to provide legal services. It explains what I will do for you. You will also receive Billing Memo for new clients.

Please know I am ready to help you. Read my free report, End Estate Lawsuits With These Simple Secrets.

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