Wills: Should You Do It Yourself?

Are you tempted to use a kit to create your will?

The danger with will kits is that they claim to be "legally approved." Well, that's hardly accurate. Only lawyers can express a legal opinion on a will after you sign it.

Will kits or computer programs are not tamper-proof. They can't prevent you from making a mistake when you fill out forms.

What you end up with may never be legal. It could also be a do-it-yourself disaster.

The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining.
– John F. Kennedy


Don't kid yourself. Making a will involves the intersection of tax, family, will, estate, property and trust laws that most people do not understand.

Invest in professional advice. It provides protection that you can count on when making an estate plan.

Quick Fixes Only Hide Problems 

Do-It-Yourself wills are a courtroom lawyer's dream. They provide them with a steady stream of legal work.

Get experienced legal advice if you:

• Need tax advice

• Have minor children

• Are in a second marriage

• Need a marriage contract

• Have a common-law partner

• Have special-needs beneficiaries

• Were recently ill or hospitalized

• Own foreign assets or property

• Have substantial investments, a business or second home

Get Expert Advice

An estate plan can be created within a few weeks. You might only need one or two meetings with an experienced estate lawyer.

Fees for this work will vary. Fee rates depend on where you live, the complexity of your circumstances and your lawyer’s experience. 

Don’t be afraid to ask lawyers what time and money you should budget.

Read my firm’s guarantee about making your will, and contact my office today.