Will Your Family Be Caught Unprepared in 2011?

Here is the easiest Estate Planning resolution you can keep. It’ll make sure that your family and your money are protected. Take this quiz.

It’s part of my book, Breakthrough Estate Planning: Finding All The Answers You’ll Ever Need. I have included it here for your benefit.


Estate Planning Quiz

Answer “Yes”, “No” or “Unsure” for each question.

1.     I have backup executors/guardians named in my will for minor children.

2.     I have legally appointed someone to handle decisions for me if I cannot.

3.     I have a strategy in place to save probate and income taxes.

4.     I have provided for loved ones with special needs.

5.     I have a plan to deal with my business if I die.

6.     I regularly preview my estate plan to ensure that it achieves my goals.

7.    I review my loved ones’ needs to ensure my estate  will protect them.

8.     I have an updated listing of assets and valuable documents.

9.     My life insurance coverage will replace income and cover taxes.

10.   My loved ones know where my up-to-date will is stored.


After you’ve taken the quiz, see for yourself what you need to do next.

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