Why Traditional Estate Planning Doesn’t Work

Making a will used to be so simple. Now, if you are elderly, you may need to obtain medical evidence to confirm that you are competent.

It’s almost an Olympic challenge. Medals should be awarded to those who succeed.

It can be a lot of work to properly plan your estate and get it right. This usually requires an ongoing time and money investment.

Blended families, stepchildren, spouses and dependants from a prior marriage add complexity and costs to planning.

Many people get a headache and become frustrated. They say, “Why bother?”

Some people just do things themselves. They search for cheap quick fixes and are blind to the mistakes they make. These are real time bombs.

Self-help and do-it-yourself estate planning creates unanticipated problems.

The fear of probate has caused a panic. People rush into joint ownership of their assets to avoid probate.

Read the next post to see how this so-called cure is worse than the disease.

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