Why Pity the Estate Executor?

Can you imagine you’re suddenly an executor?

Like most executors, you don’t have any experience handling an estate.

Your new workload feels like you’ve just have taken on another full-time job.

Estate Disputes Can Be Horrible

You can now find out now that you’re going to be involved in an estate dispute.

It could be caused by a former spouse, an estranged child, a business creditor or partner.

In some cases, you could be involved in an income tax audit. You may have to sue a deadbeat to recover estate property.

These disputes can last 3-5 years, or more.

Whenever there is a dispute, you’ll be expected to spend more time:

  • going to lawyer’s appointments; 
  • reading legal and medical documents; and 
  • attending court proceedings.

What Is Expected of Executors?

You will be expected to:

  • keep time logs;
  • maintain detailed financial records; 
  • track your phone calls, letters and e-mails;
  • help to collect evidence; 
  • keep beneficiaries informed and happy; and
  • sacrifice your personal life.

You will need to:

  • maintain a complete list of assets and liabilities;
  • know what property is insured; and
  • file tax returns on time and pay all bills.

On top of that, you must take care of your own health, personal relationships and children.

One Word Describes This: YIKES

You do not have to do this all alone.

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