Why Is Estate Planning Like Pizza?

Ever tried to order a pizza from a menu with a choice of 1,000 toppings?
Arugula, hot peppers and black squid ink crust. Wait, what was I thinking? That could never be a good choice.

However, fear of making bad choices or estate planning mistakes is common. It can lead to paralysis. You wait, hoping someone will come along to make this complex subject easier to understand.

Well, now you have no more excuses.

I have developed new tools at EstateTherapy™ to help you make better decisions.

Do a little homework. You’ll know what to expect when you see a professional. You’ll save time and money.

Impartial professional advice about your family situations is helpful. This is especially the case if you are reluctant to deal with difficult family members.

Knowing your legal rights and obligations, in many cases, can make decisions easier.

EstateTherapy™ is not designed as a substitute for professional advice.

How does EstateTherapy™ work?

It identifies in plain language the key issues to help you make these decisions.

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