When Should I Change My Will?

1. If you marry after the date of your Will, it will, in most cases, be automatically revoked. You should consult me or another lawyer again.

2. The following are some of the events that might occur, requiring you to mention them to me, or any other lawyer, in case any other alterations to your Will become desirable:

a) If you change your name, or anyone mentioned in the Will changes theirs.

b) If an estate trustee dies or becomes unsuitable to act due to age, ill-health, etc.

c) If a beneficiary dies.

d) If you have specifically bequeathed any property which you subsequently sell, or which changes its nature.

e) If you become divorced or remarry, or adopt children.

3. If you wish at any time to REVOKE or ALTER your Will, you should consult a lawyer. The legal formalities must be observed; otherwise, your wishes may not take effect. This could also apply if your estate increases significantly.

4. You should let your estate trustee know where the original Will has been stored.