What’s In Your Best Interest?

You have to keep in sight what you want to accomplish in your legal battle.

       Did you have the wrong goal in mind when the battle began?

       Were you the aggressor or just trying to defend yourself?

       Did you forget to put your own or your family’s best interests first?

       Can you walk away from the fight without losing face, admitting defeat or weakness?

In the legal world, you can do this on a “without prejudice” basis or without “admitting liability.”

You can resolve disputes and conflicts before trial, but you need to change your attitude.

What do you want to happen when you go to court with Joe the Roofer?

Are you trying to prove you are right?  Do you crave Justice with a capital J, or do you want someone to repair your roof?

Take this quiz to find out if you should find a way to stop fighting.

Quiz: Should You Go To Court?

Ask yourself why you are in a lawsuit:

1.       You have lots of discretionary income.

2.       Justice is bought with expensive lawyers.

3.       Your lawyer guarantees you’ll win.

4.       You want to punish the other side.

5.       You want to punish yourself.

6.       You like telling your lawyers what to do.

7.       It’s too costly to admit a mistake.

8.       The other side makes your blood boil.

9.       You believe liars never win in court.

10.     Judges can tell when someone is lying.

If these answers sound silly, then take a moment and think about your real reasons.

In my next post, I’ll discuss how you can reframe your legal issue. You can also read my MrWills.com guide on estate mediation for more information.