What Your Lawyer Should Do in Your Lawsuit

You need to discuss mediation options with your lawyer.

The sooner you do, the better. If your lawyer has already discussed mediation with you, then you will find this information helpful to avoid failure and cut legal expenses.

If you have a legal problem, it can take years to reach trial. You get no guarantee of the outcome.

This uncertainty only adds to your stress, personal costs and the expensive habit of writing cheques to lawyers to keep them on your side.

I know that many people suffer and even lose their cases because they misunderstand what happens in legal disputes. You do not have to be one of them.

Truths I Can Share

People want to resolve conflict wherever it exists.

• You must change your attitude to end conflict.

• Mediation increases your odds of winning every time.

• You can write your own happy ending.

And, while I am sharing, let me disclose my bias in favour of all clients. This was the first rule of law I learned out of law school as a new lawyer. To me, it is fundamental but the oldest rule in the book.

“Nobody Likes to Pay Lawyers”

Use this rule to your advantage.

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