What Is Your Real Legal Issue?

Reconsider why you are in involved in a legal dispute. Not every grievance warrants going to court.


Anything can go wrong at trial. Lawyers know they lose cases that cannot be lost.

They also win cases that cannot be won.

It’s more than just a roll of the dice. It often depends on if the judge got a good night’s sleep, and how the judge views the legal issue.

In your case with Joe the Roofer, your lawyer told you not to pay him until damages were repaired. The judge who hears your case may not agree with what your side is saying.

Judges can make decisions based on their view of the legal issues. This means that the judge could say you acted improperly in not paying Joe. According to the judge, it may not be Joe’s fault if the shingles were defective.

Guess what? You lose and can end up paying Joe, Joe’s lawyer and your own lawyer. That could be a triple whammy.

“You got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going because you might not get there.”

– Yogi Berra

Lawsuits help you frame your dispute in legal terms based on the facts and the law. This lets you identify the issues to search for and to find solutions. Going to trial may prolong your agony with Joe the Roofer.

Why end up in front of a judge who, in any case, can’t fix your roof?

Here is the yin and yang of lawsuits: you prepare for court but you can win without a trial.

Do you want to get on with your life or a cash settlement to make you rich? Different outcomes will dictate different approaches.

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