What Are Your Legal and Moral Obligations?

Even if you can answer that question, you still have to make sure you provide adequately for all your dependants. What is adequate support? Likely only an estate lawyer or judge can answer that. And you don’t want to ask a judge.

If you don’t provide adequate support, you may leave loved ones financially destitute. This can compel them to seek legal advice and to contest your will to obtain more support. Read my post, “Anything Goes” is Not the Rule…”

You need an estate lawyer to advise you of your legal obligations. You don’t have the freedom to do whatever you want in your will. If you had promised to leave your vacation home to one of your children and they relied on that promise to their detriment, they may have a claim against your estate.

Without a will no one can sign your tax returns. You may be jumping up and down thinking you’re getting away with not paying all your tax bills, but the government charges you penalties and interest for late filing and payments. Only an executor has a right to sign tax returns and collect information about your assets.

Dying Without a Will is Dumb

If you die without a will, the government writes a will for you. You don’t decide who gets all your stuff.

The government’s will says your stuff goes down to your family. That means your brother, whom you haven’t spoken to in 13 years, could inherit everything you have. Only by making a will can you save taxes.

Wills let you decide who controls all your stuff after you are gone. You name your executor in your will.

With a will, you can make sure you give your stuff to the people who need it.

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