Unprepared Executors Risk Costly Lawsuits

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Toronto, Ontario, August 24, 2011 – “If you are an executor, you must be organized; otherwise, you can be sued for your mistakes,” says lawyer and Canadian estate expert, Edward Olkovich. He wrote Executor Kung Fu because he found no other guide devoted to protecting executors.

Executors handle an estate to fulfill the last wishes of a friend or relative. They are unprepared to handle tax and estate laws, creditors, co-executors and the courts.

Lawsuits against executors are becoming common. “Executors need more than a checklist to handle their legal duties, distraught families, and disappointed beneficiaries,” says Olkovich.

Executor Kung Fu: Master Any Estate in Three Easy Steps is based on his thirty years of advising executors about their legal duties.

Executor Kung Fu, a plain English, step-by-step guide, helps executors handle any estate from start to finish. The 222-page book includes worksheets, summaries and real life examples to save time and money. The book also offers new insights to those planning their estates or choosing executors.

Boomers must start planning to transfer their wealth to loved ones. They must choose an executor to handle their estate. When the time comes, without Executor Kung Fu, boomers can be more vulnerable. Olkovich says, “This book will make an executor’s life less stressful. Executors don’t want to waste hours with lawyers or searching online for information.”

Interested executors can watch a video by the author and read a sample chapter of Executor Kung Fu at www.EstateTherapy.com. Visit MrWills.com for more information about Toronto lawyer and author, Edward Olkovich.

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