Toronto Library Seminars for Executors

Are you planning your estate or running an estate? What do you know about probate?

You don’t need to go to graduate school to be an executor/estate trustee.

You do, however, need to have an overview of the probate process.

What happens to an estate is everyone’s business. That includes the persons making their will, executors and estate beneficiaries.

What tasks must executors perform and when?

I will explain this in my one-hour seminars. I have been invited to conduct probate seminars at local libraries across Toronto in May and June.

Can You Help Me?

I’d love to have your input as I prepare my speaking notes.

Please tell me: what is your biggest fear about probate?

Share your executor fears or questions before May 20th and I’ll send the first 5 people a complimentary copy of my ebook, Executor Quick Start.

Just send in your email titled “Probate Fear” using my contact form here. (Please do not provide any confidential information. I do not provide legal advice by email.)

You’ll want to know my seminar topic so here it is:

“Suddenly You’re an Executor…Now What?”

I will cover the steps in a typical estate administration.

I’ll share the probate secrets I learned since 1978 as a Toronto Estate lawyer.

I’ll cover estate/executor topics from my book, Executor Kung Fu, including:

  • the dangers of being an executor
  • why I trademarked the term Executors Disease™
  • how the Executor Mantra replaces stress with success
  • what makes a good executor
  • the difference between Ontario estate trustees and executors
  • where to get help for your executor

5 Reasons You Want to Attend

  1. Statistics say the majority of us will be an executor one day
  2. It’s no cost/no charge information from a Certified Specialist
  3. I am an expert who has written numerous estate books
  4. I know how to make complex subject simple
  5. I am familiar with the newest legal trends as I edit a leading legal text, titled “Compensation and Duties of Estate Trustees, Guardians and Attorneys”

The Top 5 Probate Secrets

You’ll understand how to:

  1. avoid costly probate mistakes
  2. perform tasks every executor must do
  3. be efficient and not waste time
  4. reduce stress and deal with relatives
  5. get paid as an executor for all your trouble

I expect the audience will include seniors and their executors.

I will prepare handouts and have time to answer questions.

If you cannot attend, send me your probate/executor questions here.

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About Ed Olkovich
I am Toronto estate lawyer, author and editor of Carswell’s legal guide, Compensation and Duties of Estate Trustees, Guardians and Attorneys. I am a Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts law. I have handled estate disputes and probate problems since 1978. © 2014