The Second Mistake to Avoid

The lawyer handling Emily’s case did not know what to say.

He made his next mistake. “You still have to prove the other side is responsible and anything can go wrong in a trial. That’s how the legal system works. Some cases you win, some you lose, some you must settle.”

Emily’s vengeance was swift. “I went to court because I did not know I had an alternative when the company refused to pay me. If my case was going to settle, why didn’t you tell me? I put my life on hold and wasted energy and money for nothing. I would have been better off to settle a year ago.” Emily walked away.

Emily’s lawyer made his last mistake.

“You can always get a second opinion about the settlement from another lawyer,” he said. “But you will probably get the same advice to settle.”

This did not give Emily any comfort. Instead, disappointed and drained, she blasted him. “I don’t want to pay for another lawyer. You’re fired.”

The secret to a good ending is to have a good beginning.

Lessons to Learn Outside the Courtroom

Emily had struggled to right a wrong.

Her search for justice, took her, like many others, on a journey through the court system. But she had no guide to show her alternative paths to reach her destination.

In Emily’s case, she complained that her lawyer had not given her any alternative but to go to trial. When she got there, instead of fighting, her lawyer told her to make a deal. She did not understand why she had to settle.

In reality, you and your lawyer prepare for trial like it was a war. Your opponent must take your case seriously. When you are attacked, fight fire with more fire.

But why should you resolve your dispute without going inside of a courtroom?

The simple reason: war is hell.

You can win without going into the courtroom with new strategies to:

• end conflict and confrontation

• solve your problems and struggles

• save time and stress

• reduce legal costs and worry

• avoid public court displays

• choose your outcome in private

To learn more about these strategies, read my guide on Estate Mediation.

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