The Craziest Thing You’ll Learn from Court TV

Court judges on television do it. Why can’t every judge just let you stand up and tell your story in court?

In five minutes, it would all be over if the truth came out. After you give your evidence, the courtroom crowd would hold their breath.

Seconds later, the judge’s arm would swing a gavel and strike with a loud “CRACK.”  The judge would declare judgment in your favour. You won!

The legal system, unfortunately, doesn’t work like the picture you see on your television screen. It was created thousands of years ago before television.

The truth is that courtrooms are imperfect places to resolve disputes. The secret is that the system, the best we have so far, is filled with flaws and abuses. These can end up giving you a surprising result.

Here is the craziest thing you’ll hear me tell you; I am a lawyer and I don’t trust the court system to solve your legal problems. Only you can do that.

Why do I risk losing my license to practice law by making that statement?

The legal system is slow, expensive and unbearable even to those who toil in it daily.

I do believe in the Rule of Law but going to court is a pain in the butt.

I don’t intend to disrespect the excellent work of many dedicated jurists and lawyers. But I have seen judges who don’t understand a client’s case. These judges also try to redress world injustice from the bench. Lawyers on the other side of some cases are just as bad.

If you saw what happens in a courtroom, you would wonder why anyone goes there at all.

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