The 6 Causes of Estate Disputes You Can Avoid

Estate lawsuits also include legitimate legal issues among relatives and heirs. Here are six common mistakes you can make:

1. Poor planning decisions: depending on a homemade or do-it-yourself will.

2. Bad executor choices: naming people who are not stable, financially capable, or trustworthy.

3. Using the wrong professional planners: traditional approaches do not consider self-defence measures.

4. Challenges caused by mixed or blended families: will Johnny ever get a job?

5. Failing to recognize your legal and moral obligations: some promises can’t be broken.

6. Not using proper tax-saving strategies: avoiding probate regardless of what probate costs is a dumb move.

The Legal Framework Has Changed

Some estate advisors add to your problems. They may not have kept up with the new legal realities.

In many jurisdictions, estate beneficiaries can now sue lawyers for errors in the wills they prepare. This remedy is ground-breaking.

It adds a fundamental new element to estate disputes and lawsuits. You must now be prepared to defend yourself from professionals who only dabble in estate work.

Don’t think doing it yourself is better.

The courts are frequently asked to interpret homemade wills or to try to fix bad planning.

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