Test Yourself with this Ontario Executor Quiz If You’re the Estate Trustee Under a Will

Circle your answer and check for the correct answers below.

  1. Executor” is the name of:

a) a new planet
b) a part of the brain
c) a person named in a will
d) all of the above

  1. Executors are Ontario estate trustees, estate representatives and fiduciaries named in:

a) a will
b) power of attorney
c) testamentary trust
d) all of the above

  1. Executors have obligations to keep accounts. That means they keep records of:

a) financial and investment transactions
b) all legal decisions
c) estate bank accounts
d) all of the above

  1. Executors who don’t do their job can be:

a) sued in court
b) cannot resign
c) removed by a court
d) all the above

  1. Executors are entitled to compensation for handling estates only if:

a) approved by capable beneficiaries of age
b) approved by a judge
c) the will permits
d) a and b only

  1. Executors can be sued personally by:

a) creditors, co-executors or courts
b) beneficiaries of the estate
c) anyone with a financial interest in the estate
d) all of the above

Answers: 1.c 2.a 3.d 4.d 5.d 6.d

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