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Can’t Find the Last Will – What Do You Do?

Here’s Chad’s story about handling an estate when he couldn’t find a will. He became an Ontario estate trustee without a will. Keep reading about our hero, Chad, if you need to handle an estate without a will. Chad was feeling overwhelmed. He had just been told…
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Stop Risking Your Family’s Future – Part 3

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of my posts in this series. What if you become incapacitated, or an illness prevents you from handling your finances? What will you do? If you don’t have a power of attorney to handle your property, your loved ones must get…
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Bad Legal Advice Costs Executors Plenty

You’re the estate executor under a relative’s will. You found your uncle’s will and you need legal advice. You look for free advice online. You’re thinking all lawyers are the same. Any lawyer can give you estate advice. Well, let me explain how this thinking can cost…
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