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What Happens When You Choose the Wrong Ontario Executor?

You don’t want to choose an executor like Terrible Tony. Tony was his Uncle George’s executor. Tony arranged his uncle’s funeral and lavish reception. He bought a burial plot with an expensive headstone. This was despite everyone’s protests. Uncle George’s sister, Alice, said, “My brother wanted to…
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Is Your Lawyer an Expert in Estate Law?

This may surprise you: Not every will is valid. A common question I receive is: Why bother making wills if judges can cancel them? Well, not making a valid will can be the biggest blunder you can make. The trick is to have a legal will. But…
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How Can Wills be Made in the Future?

Can you make your will with Alexa or Siri? Artificial intelligence may take over our lives. Voice activated search may eliminate smart phones and keyboards. Voice activated technology has already intruded our privacy and homes. The answer is ‘No’ to electronically signing wills when it comes to…
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Can You Dictate Your Last Will with Google?

You are brushing your teeth in the morning when it happens. You recall your daughter, Sandra, did not call you on your birthday yesterday. Your blood begins to boil. AGAIN. You know this may be petty. But despite your attempts to control your parental anger, you say…
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What to Expect When You Probate Ontario Estates – Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1, which you can read here. Estate Court Probate Process The estate court staff review estate court applications. They check for issues and can request extra materials. If mistakes or incomplete information are filed, the process can be delayed. Original documents may…
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