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Helping Your Parents Make a Will

“It’s important.” Jeremy said to his boss. “I need to take the afternoon off to take my 83-year-old father to see a lawyer to make his will.” When you take a person to a lawyer’s office, you need to understand the legal protocol. Even if you are…
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Do You Know Why Clients Do Not Make Wills?

The answer may be no one has sold them one.  It’s a difficult sales job. Perhaps estate advisors need to do a better job marketing and educating clients about wills? The starting point may be to give people more persuasive and easy-to-understand information. When it comes to…
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Beyond Will and Estate Planning Essentials

I am chairing, with Oakville lawyer, Joanna J. Ringrose (www.estateslawyer.ca), an Ontario Bar Association half-day programme featuring intermediate and advanced will and estate planning topics. This is the topic I will be speaking on: 5 Success Strategies for Your Estate Planning Practice How to increase your profitability…
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Estate Planning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What’s the difference between a good, bad, or ugly estate plan? Your answer may differ if you are the person creating the disastrous estate plan or a victim of poor planning. If you are a victim of bad estate planning, you have a different perspective. You could…
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Making Estate Planning Simple

My approach to estate planning is different. My purpose is to help you understand the essentials. You can take simple steps to protect your family and money. My aim is to help you with your estate planning purpose. Your money should go straight to the people you…
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Caution: Wills Are Not Bulletproof

Free EstateTherapy.com webinar – Wednesday, November 17, 7 p.m. EST You can’t imagine the chaos that can be caused by a bad will. Your family can be torn apart if you make a will that is not valid. All of your relatives may have to hire lawyers….
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