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When You Prepare Your Last Will

What’s your plan to protect your family’s money after your death? We all know family estate fights can start once you’re gone. It does not matter how much money is at stake. You don’t have to be rich to need a will. Wills help reduce taxes. Your…
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Is Your Last Will Up to Date?

Out-of-date last wills can cause trouble for those you leave behind. I’ll give you some examples so you can avoid costly mistakes. Now is a good time to locate your original wills and powers of attorney. If you can’t find the original documents, they can’t do you…
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Avoid Expensive Will Mistakes

Most people want advice. They already have too much information and need help making better decisions. You need to do some homework to make your will. Get a referral to an experienced estate lawyer from professionals you already know and trust. I have written numerous easy-to-read books…
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