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Your Free, Easy Estate Planning Guide

I just finished drafting a new report called, Protect Your Family Today – Your Easy Estate Planning Recipe. It is an easy estate planning guide. In it, I explain how and why you are responsible for protecting your family. I’ve made it easy with 3 steps: Step…
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Use the Executor Mantra to Reduce Stress

Being an estate executor is stressful. Many people feel overwhelmed when suddenly they must take charge of an estate. You can easily make mistakes before you understand what’s involved. But now I can show you a new, stress-free way to succeed as an executor. Of course, you…
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Do You Want to Keep Your Sanity as Executor?

Here are 3 tips to keep you out of trouble. You must know the distinction between executor work and legal work. Get professional advice about your executor duties – the sooner the better. Not all lawyers are experienced in probate matters or can advise you. Will you…
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Estate Planning Resolutions

Here are 3 estate planning resolutions you can keep. Use them to protect your family and to give you peace of mind. 1. Make a will – resolve to invest in a professionally-prepared will. The cost of this investment, spread out over a number of years offers the…
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What’s the difference between a good, bad, or ugly estate plan? Your answer may differ if you are the person creating the disastrous estate plan or a victim of poor planning. If you are a victim of bad estate planning you have a different perspective. You could…
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