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Executors Need to Use Blueprints

It can happen overnight – suddenly, you’re an executor. You are put in charge of an estate. You have to probate a will. You need answers to your questions. What is an executor supposed to do? What do good executors do first? As a Certified Specialist in…
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Ontario Probate Mysteries Explained

Are you an executor or estate trustee in Ontario? Probate is a mystery. I’ll try to explain it in this post. Executors want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You want to know how long it takes to probate an estate. These are…
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Ontario Rules on Estate Administration

When a person dies with a will in Ontario, what happens? The will usually names executors. In Ontario, executors are called estate trustees with a will. They have authority to deal with estate matters. In some cases, they may not need to probate the will. What does…
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Executors: Do You Need to Probate All Wills?

As estate trustee, here are some things you must know about wills: 1. Wills are legal documents. 2. Wills are subject to scrutiny and legal interpretation. 3. Wills can be declared invalid by a court. What happens if Jack’s 2013 will is contested in court? The court…
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