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Hostile Attacks on Ontario Executors Can Cost You Big-time

Objectors filed 300 objections to expenses in an executor’s accounting. The court dismissed all, except five, objections. The objectors alleged executor fraud. Their hostility towards the executor cost them. The court ordered the objectors to pay $35,000 toward the executor’s costs. This was a double whammy. The…
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Do You Need a System to Handle an Ontario Estate?

If you are an Ontario executor, answer this simple question: What makes you happy? I’d love to hear your answer. Here’s my answer: making probate simple makes Ontario executors happy. Executors don’t want to use Google to understand estate terms. Remember, Ontario estate terms are different. That’s…
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What Does it Cost to Probate Wills in Ontario?

It happens after every weekend. On Mondays, my office gets calls from people asking about probate. It usually goes like this: “I’m calling for a friend who is an executor. She wants to know how much you charge to probate an estate.” Sometimes the friend is really…
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