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Ontario Executors Take Heart 

I  help Ontario executors avoid and resolve estate problems. I am starting a new series for my Learning Center to offer you valuable information.   Every estate is different. Each executor will face different estate problems.  You may deal with: disgruntled beneficiaries dad’s new wife business creditors mom’s new common law friend houses with hoarders legal challenges Estate assets may disappear…
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What Does it Cost to Probate Wills in Ontario?

It happens after every weekend. On Mondays, my office gets calls from people asking about probate. It usually goes like this: “I’m calling for a friend who is an executor. She wants to know how much you charge to probate an estate.” Sometimes the friend is really…
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10. Tedious Long-term Trusts

So you are managing a trust fund for your nieces and nephews until they reach the age of 25. Will you be able to handle this responsibility? Can you manage investments and file tax returns annually? Are you planning to retire or relocate out of the jurisdiction?…
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8. Wills Can Be Invalid and Contested

Some will contests go on for years, maybe decades. As executor, you may have no authority to take any action. You may, however, be responsible for explaining what you did do, even on a temporary basis. Make sure that before you start acting as executor you get…
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6. Your Age Considerations as Ontario Executor

If you are 82 and live 3,000 miles away, you must seriously consider renouncing as executor. You don’t want to impair your health by administering an estate. Long-distance is a terrible way to find out you have a fire you can’t put out. Don’t start acting as…
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Ontario Probate Mysteries Explained

Are you an executor or estate trustee in Ontario? Probate is a mystery. I’ll try to explain it in this post. Executors want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You want to know how long it takes to probate an estate. These are…
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