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You Can Stop Looking for Help with Your Estate Dispute

Are you involved in an Ontario estate dispute? You need legal advice you trust to resolve your estate dispute. I have experience: defending and contesting wills obtaining support and dependents’ relief for spouses dealing with estates without wills interpreting wills selling estate properties You may be grieving…
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What Your Lawyer Should Do in Your Lawsuit

You need to discuss mediation options with your lawyer. The sooner you do, the better. If your lawyer has already discussed mediation with you, then you will find this information helpful to avoid failure and cut legal expenses. If you have a legal problem, it can take…
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Beware the Dangers of the Courtroom

Believe me, a courtroom is the worst place to find solutions to your legal problems. I want you to know the real dangers of going into the courtroom. Why? One slip can make a difference between failure and victory in your lawsuit. So avoid the torture of…
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Can You Guarantee Your Lawyer Will Win?

  You may not think of lawyers, except perhaps in a negative way, until you need one.  Then you have no clue what lawyers do or what to expect. You are not sure of your role as client, or what part you should play in the legal…
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Mediation Secrets to Solve Legal Worries

You can use mediation to save thousands of dollars in legal fees. Many clients do not understand how mediation can settle their legal disputes. That explains why I have started a new series on mediation. Mediation can mean the difference between success and failure. You need to,…
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Resolving Estate Disputes with Settlement Conferences

You should speak to your lawyer about alternatives to resolve estate disputes without going to trial. This includes mediation using a third party mediator. If you have tried mediation and it was unsuccessful, consider a settlement conference. You’ll get real benefit from such a conference by following…
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