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Why Use Lawyers to Prepare Wills

Are you still struggling to make your will without using a lawyer? Think you can do it yourself using an online service. No lawyer is involved online to provide advice. There are only dangers, not advantages, of not using lawyers to make your will. Let me describe…
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“Wills and Estate Planning” with Ed Olkovich

 Event Notice: On Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 at Brentwood Library, Ed Olkovich will share his expert tips about making a will. For more information, click here: TPL Wills and Estate Planning – Money Matters – Feb 11 2014.  

Making Your Will – The 12 Critical Steps

All lawyers are not the same. Every lawyer works differently. Before you hire the wrong lawyer to make your will, do your homework. Find out what steps other lawyers will follow. Here are the steps I follow with my clients. What does it cost to make a will?…
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Why Estate Planning Mistakes Happen

Clients often do not get proper advice. This can happen when they make their own wills. They do this because they wrongly think: all lawyers are the same lawyers are not necessary a simple online will form is all they need they are not rich and don’t…
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Estate Planning in the Ontario Wedding Season

It’s summer and everyone gets invited to a wedding. Did you know that a marriage revokes all wills? There are exceptions for those wills expressly made in contemplation of marriage to a new spouse. In a Second Marriage Marriage creates new property, support and tax rights for…
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