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Are You an Innocent Legal Victim?

Perhaps an unfaithful spouse, dishonest partner or an employer mistreated you. Was this how your legal battle started? Were you looking for sympathy? If you don’t get it, will you stick to your innocent victim story? You want a judge to say that what the other side did…
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Why Do We Rush to Court?

We live in a competitive society. We worship winners and forget losers. Everyone knows Lance Armstrong, but nobody recalls the names of those he beat. We want lawyers who win and choose lawyers who want to win for us. We want reassurance that our claims are justified…
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You’re Not in Kansas Anymore

You feel like your entire house is spinning and you are helpless. Your lawyer, Tom the Terminator, checks the facts and gathers evidence to support your version of the truth. He can then properly advise you on your case and if a judge can give you what…
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Do Clients Need EstateTherapy™?

Seminars, workshops or webinars offer excellent ways for you to emotionally connect with your audience. That’s my thinking based on re-reading an article by George Hartman in the Investment Executive (November 2010). Hartman was writing about how seminars are making a comeback. He was reviewing the 3rd…
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Some Surprising Statistics

Wondering why you haven’t carried out your estate planning resolutions yet? According to one survey of 831 lawyers in the U.S., you may not be alone. WealthCounsel, a nationwide organization of estate planning attorneys, in its January 2011 (Trusts & Estates) magazine summarized the key finding that…
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10 Reasons Why Estate Planning Stinks

Here they are. Don’t worry, I will give you the antidotes in future posts: 1. Thinking about death It may be frightening, but it’s inevitable. So why wait? 2. Taxes Income, estate, and probate taxes…need I say more? You do not have too pay too much. 3….
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