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You Can Stop Worrying About Your Estate Questions

Are you involved in an estate? You may be nervous, stressed, and overwhelmed. You do not want to make costly mistakes or need to start over. Welcome to MrWills.com. I am Ed Olkovich, an author, lawyer, and Certified Estate Specialist. I know every estate has different challenges…
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Making Your Will – Where Do You Start?

Have you put off writing your will or thinking about estate planning? Perhaps you wanted to wait until you have had more time to ponder all your choices. At least that’s how you rationalized it. But if you don’t write a will, you cannot protect your family…
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Your Free, Easy Estate Planning Guide

I just finished drafting a new report called, Protect Your Family Today – Your Easy Estate Planning Recipe. It is an easy estate planning guide. In it, I explain how and why you are responsible for protecting your family. I’ve made it easy with 3 steps: Step…
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