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You Can Stop Worrying About Your Estate Questions

Are you involved in an estate? You may be nervous, stressed, and overwhelmed. You do not want to make costly mistakes or need to start over. Welcome to MrWills.com. I am Ed Olkovich, an author, lawyer, and Certified Estate Specialist. I know every estate has different challenges…
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How Not to Probate Wills in Ontario – A Case Study

Should YOU, as an executor, attempt to probate a will by yourself? Here’s the tale of Jennifer to teach you.  In her job with an insurance company, Jennifer filled out forms all day.  She thought it would not be much different filling out court forms.  Besides, she’d…
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Estate Potholes on the Web

If you cruise the Web looking for legal information about wills or estates, beware! Information you find about estate planning or about an estate executor’s duties may not apply to you. There are different estate laws in each jurisdiction. When it comes to wills and estates, a…
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