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The 7 Biggest Estate Planning Blunders

Problems can occur whenever someone else must try to interpret what you want done. If you don’t bother making an estate plan, the government will provide one by default. Their idea of what happens to your money leaves no room for your personal wishes, tax savings or…
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Problems With the Last Will?

If something is wrong with the last will, I can help. Here are some common questions about wills I can help with:  – The original will is lost, can you use a copy of the will?  – The meaning of the will is unclear …
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You Can Stop Looking for Help with Your Estate Dispute

Are you involved in an Ontario estate dispute? You need legal advice you trust to resolve your estate dispute. I have experience: defending and contesting wills obtaining support and dependents’ relief for spouses dealing with estates without wills interpreting wills selling estate properties You may be grieving…
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Estate Planning: Is Changing Your Will Easy?

One advisor asks: My clients left a one-page document with my assistant.  They wanted me to witness their signatures. They left a message saying the paper was a codicil to change their wills. The clients had found the form online and filled it out. Question:  Should I…
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Key Life Events Bring Estate Planning Needs into Focus

In its Executive Summary, the Canadian Task Force on Literacy states, “…financial literacy is an essential skill acquired through lifelong learning…” EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS Canadians and Their Money Building a brighter financial future Part of that requires everyone to have some estate literacy. This creates those…
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