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Can’t Find the Last Will – What Do You Do?

Here’s Chad’s story about handling an estate when he couldn’t find a will. He became an Ontario estate trustee without a will. Keep reading about our hero, Chad, if you need to handle an estate without a will. Chad was feeling overwhelmed. He had just been told…
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Ontario Executors Take Heart 

I  help Ontario executors avoid and resolve estate problems. I am starting a new series for my Learning Center to offer you valuable information.   Every estate is different. Each executor will face different estate problems.  You may deal with: disgruntled beneficiaries dad’s new wife business creditors mom’s new common law friend houses with hoarders legal challenges Estate assets may disappear…
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Executors: Are You Ready?

If you are a professional advisor, you must say “No” to any client who wants you to be their executor. There are many reasons for this. I will cover them in the next couple of posts. You may not know what dangers lie ahead. You may not…
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Are You An Executor Looking for Help?

Most people do not know what executors are expected to do. Making the wrong decision can cause stress and get you into trouble. If you are a new executor of an estate, I know you are feeling overwhelmed. What should you do first? You have to protect…
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