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What’s New in Ontario Estate Law as of January 2022

Take a moment to read my summary of changes in estate law. This is in the next release of Compensation & Duties of Estate Trustees, Guardians & Attorneys. Will Challenges The Accelerating Access to Justice Act, 2021, with numerous schedules, implemented changes in stages to the Succession…
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Is Your Lawyer an Expert in Estate Law?

This may surprise you: Not every will is valid. A common question I receive is: Why bother making wills if judges can cancel them? Well, not making a valid will can be the biggest blunder you can make. The trick is to have a legal will. But…
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How Estate Smart Are You? Part 2 of 2

Welcome to Part 2 of How Estate Smart Are You? Test yourself by selecting True or False for each question. Read the answers below. 6.     I can change my will by initialling the changes on the original documents. True □  False □ 7.     My spouse…
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Are You Estate Illiterate?

Have you heard of the Task force on Financial Literacy? (www.financialliteracyincanada.com) It describes the need for lifelong learning when it comes to Canadians and their money.  But what does it say about what happens to your money and family when you are gone? The Task Force released…
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