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Do You Need a System to Handle an Ontario Estate?

If you are an Ontario executor, answer this simple question: What makes you happy? I’d love to hear your answer. Here’s my answer: making probate simple makes Ontario executors happy. Executors don’t want to use Google to understand estate terms. Remember, Ontario estate terms are different. That’s…
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10. Tedious Long-term Trusts

So you are managing a trust fund for your nieces and nephews until they reach the age of 25. Will you be able to handle this responsibility? Can you manage investments and file tax returns annually? Are you planning to retire or relocate out of the jurisdiction?…
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8. Wills Can Be Invalid and Contested

Some will contests go on for years, maybe decades. As executor, you may have no authority to take any action. You may, however, be responsible for explaining what you did do, even on a temporary basis. Make sure that before you start acting as executor you get…
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