Tag: Executor’s™ Disease: Save Your Money and Your Family

Can You Remove a Bad Executor?

Karl was in a panic. His sister, Sarah, was executor of their father’s estate. “Sarah listed my parents’ home for sale. The asking price is way below what homes are selling for in the neighbourhood.  I can’t believe what she is doing. “She told me to go…
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Executor Dictionary A-Z

I am starting a new executor (“estate trustees” in Ontario) dictionary. I am starting with this word: accounts. Accounts – What happened to the estate’s money? Accounts contain a record of an executor’s financial dealings for the estate. Accounts or an accounting are the executor’s statements or…
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Why Is Estate Planning Like Pizza?

Ever tried to order a pizza from a menu with a choice of 1,000 toppings? Arugula, hot peppers and black squid ink crust. Wait, what was I thinking? That could never be a good choice. However, fear of making bad choices or estate planning mistakes is common….
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