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Ontario Probate Mysteries Explained

Are you an executor or estate trustee in Ontario? Probate is a mystery. I’ll try to explain it in this post. Executors want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You want to know how long it takes to probate an estate. These are…
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Powers of Attorney Lawsuits and Mother’s Day

I have posted a power of attorney story that will interest all mothers. You can read the story, entitled “Why Do You Forsake Family?”, on Money.ca. It is about a mother named Sharon. She has issues with a family power of attorney. Many people do not understand…
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Breach of Executor’s Duty

Any breach of executor’s duty can result in a charge of misconduct against them. Here’s a short list to remind you of possible executor breaches of fiduciary duty: •    financial negligence handling estate assets causing loss •    failure to properly invest estate assets •    failure to complete…
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Why Pity the Estate Executor?

Can you imagine you’re suddenly an executor? Like most executors, you don’t have any experience handling an estate. Your new workload feels like you’ve just have taken on another full-time job. Estate Disputes Can Be Horrible You can now find out now that you’re going to be…
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