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Why Executors Need to Assess Risks

Did you ever turn down a job offer? Your instincts probably said it wasn’t right or a good fit. The offer to serve as estate executor is like a job offer. It may be a job you should turn down.  You need more than good instincts to…
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How to Resign as Executor

A court usually needs a valid reason to allow an executor /estate trustee to resign. Health problems that prevent you from finishing could be enough. But there are other factors to consider. You or your lawyer must take these steps to resign as executor: 1. the consent…
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When Should You Resign as Executor?

Are you having doubts about being an executor of an estate? Run, don't walk, to an estate lawyer for immediate advice. Why? I'll tell you some stories I hear in my own law office. I am Ed Olkovich. I am a certified specialist in Estates and Trusts…
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