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You Can Stop Worrying About Your Estate Questions

Are you involved in an estate? You may be nervous, stressed, and overwhelmed. You do not want to make costly mistakes or need to start over. Welcome to MrWills.com. I am Ed Olkovich, an author, lawyer, and Certified Estate Specialist. I know every estate has different challenges…
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When Do You Start Work as An Ontario Executor?

The best answer is, before someone dies. Some people are meticulous about how their personal effects are to be divided. Personal effects, unless extremely valuable, are not usually itemized in a person’s will. Most people do not sweat making a list of their contents. This is not…
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Why Is It Always About the Money?

I am going to talk to you about money. Money is what people fight over. Sure, they may use other excuses, but what everything boils down to is money or what it represents. My perspective, as a lawyer, is different. I do estate planning but also help…
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Executor Compensation – Is It Worth It?

“Compensation for your time and trouble” is what the law calls your fee as estate executor. You can probably figure your time is productively worth $150 or $200 an hour back in the office. You need that to cover your overhead. Well, you won’t get paid by…
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