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What’s New in Ontario Estate Law as of January 2022

Take a moment to read my summary of changes in estate law. This is in the next release of Compensation & Duties of Estate Trustees, Guardians & Attorneys. Will Challenges The Accelerating Access to Justice Act, 2021, with numerous schedules, implemented changes in stages to the Succession…
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7. Conflict or Conflict of Interest

Even in situations where everything is spelled out in the will down to the smallest detail, there will be disagreements. It is inevitable. As part of the human condition, people disagree. Even in the best of families, there will be questions of interpretation. “That’s not what dad…
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Do Clients Need EstateTherapy™?

Seminars, workshops or webinars offer excellent ways for you to emotionally connect with your audience. That’s my thinking based on re-reading an article by George Hartman in the Investment Executive (November 2010). Hartman was writing about how seminars are making a comeback. He was reviewing the 3rd…
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Estate Planning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What’s the difference between a good, bad, or ugly estate plan? Your answer may differ if you are the person creating the disastrous estate plan or a victim of poor planning. If you are a victim of bad estate planning, you have a different perspective. You could…
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Making Estate Planning Simple

My approach to estate planning is different. My purpose is to help you understand the essentials. You can take simple steps to protect your family and money. My aim is to help you with your estate planning purpose. Your money should go straight to the people you…
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Will Your Family Be Caught Unprepared in 2011?

Here is the easiest Estate Planning resolution you can keep. It’ll make sure that your family and your money are protected. Take this quiz. It’s part of my book, Breakthrough Estate Planning: Finding All The Answers You’ll Ever Need. I have included it here for your benefit….
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