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Can’t Find the Last Will – What Do You Do?

Here’s Chad’s story about handling an estate when he couldn’t find a will. He became an Ontario estate trustee without a will. Keep reading about our hero, Chad, if you need to handle an estate without a will. Chad was feeling overwhelmed. He had just been told…
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How Ontario Distributes Estates Without a Will

My last post gave you tips on handling Ontario estates if there is no will. These are intestate estates. Guess who shares when there is an intestacy? What you learn may encourage you to sign your will. Here is a Simple Example of an Intestate Distribution: When…
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Why Executors Need to Assess Risks

Did you ever turn down a job offer? Your instincts probably said it wasn’t right or a good fit. The offer to serve as estate executor is like a job offer. It may be a job you should turn down.  You need more than good instincts to…
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