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Common-law Spouses – Unjustly Enriched?

Let me describe what the Kerr v Baranow case means for common-law spouses. Common-law spouses do not get property rights unless they make a claim, or are provided for adequately in an estate plan. Common-law spouses must sue their partners’ estate and make a claim for unjust…
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Why Are Common-law Spouses Dangerous?

Canada’s Supreme Court has issued a warning for estate advisors. You need to become familiar with the concept of joint family venture. In February 2011 in the Kerr v. Baranow case, the Supreme Court clarified claims that can be made by common-law spouses. The decision affects you…
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Does Your Will Provide for Your Common-law Spouse?

Did your will give any property or support to your common-law spouse? You can expect lawyers to challenge your estate plan if that amount is inadequate. That’s the point I made during a recent call-in program on Wayne Baxter’s Right On the Money show for Zoomer radio,…
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