Tag: Estate Planning: 7 Keys to Success

Will EstateTherapy™ Be Your Key to Change?

You know you have to change your ways. You never have time to handle all your work and chores. What about your responsibilities? You have to take the kids to that birthday party, karate lessons, then soccer, visit your parents, and it’s almost Friday. You have already…
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Do You Know Why Clients Do Not Make Wills?

The answer may be no one has sold them one.  It’s a difficult sales job. Perhaps estate advisors need to do a better job marketing and educating clients about wills? The starting point may be to give people more persuasive and easy-to-understand information. When it comes to…
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Do You Need to Become an Estate Therapist?

Too many clients have the wrong approach to estate planning. They think of it as preparing for death and dying – two terrifying taboos. As I’ll explain, this is not the approach here, at EstateTherapy.com. I want you to see estate planning in a new light. Estate…
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Estate Planning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What’s the difference between a good, bad, or ugly estate plan? Your answer may differ if you are the person creating the disastrous estate plan or a victim of poor planning. If you are a victim of bad estate planning, you have a different perspective. You could…
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Will Your Family Be Caught Unprepared in 2011?

Here is the easiest Estate Planning resolution you can keep. It’ll make sure that your family and your money are protected. Take this quiz. It’s part of my book, Breakthrough Estate Planning: Finding All The Answers You’ll Ever Need. I have included it here for your benefit….
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Why Is Estate Planning Like Pizza?

Ever tried to order a pizza from a menu with a choice of 1,000 toppings? Arugula, hot peppers and black squid ink crust. Wait, what was I thinking? That could never be a good choice. However, fear of making bad choices or estate planning mistakes is common….
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