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Stop Estate Beneficiary Costly Mistakes

Jonathan called me because his uncle Peter died. “What rights do I have as a beneficiary under Peter’s will? When do beneficiaries need to get legal advice?” “This is a common question when someone dies,” I said. “Your legal rights depend on if you are named in…
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Can Mediation Resolve Estate Disputes?

Clients wonder how mediation works in estate cases. As an estate lawyer, I use mediation to resolve clients’ estate disputes. Want to learn more about mediation? Read this preliminary letter I sent to Joan (a fictional client) before her mediation.   Dear Joan,   You will be…
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Estate Lawsuits with Common Law Spouses

Let’s look at lawsuits between common law spouses over property. In my thirty years of experience, these cases are bitterly contested. I will explain how a lawyer can attack or defend an estate. The Kerr decision gives a template for common law spouses to resolve their property…
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